Sunday, August 26, 2018

Student Accountability

Peace &  Love Everyone!

It's officially the end of summer as September is approaching. That also means we are in back to school season. 

As I prepare to enter week 4 for this school year, I will be implementing Daily 5 Math for my 5th graders. This is basically a math workshop which will allow me to differentiate the best way for my students. 

Another reason for this implementation is because I have a large amount of students with individualized education plans. As an educator, I believe in doing what is best for the students in front me and meet them exactly here they are.

This year I have a talkative group of students so this is also my response to that-learning to work in collaborative groups.  Not only do I want my students to hold themselves accountable for their own learning, the ultimate goal is for them to build peer accountability partners as well.

Here's some motivation for when the Math gets challenging-because it definitely will! It features a video from two of my favorites young kings- Kid President & King Nah.