Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Own it! You're great!


We can be so reflective of ourselves,
Yet, we are most often ridiculed of the things we need to do. Or the highlights of what we should be doing, despite the 100,000,001 things on our to do list.

Lets not add on the traumas we absorb on a day to day basis, from our students, their families and also unnecessarily (sometimes) from school leaders.

There is a shared trauma the world is experiencing during this COVID-19 pandemic.

Where is our support?

Its within. One thing that has helped me the most (outside of my amazing  nuclear family) is positive self talk. 

that practice has encouraged me and helped me have courageous conversations. 

Through evaluations and observations,  the usual feedback involves doing something different or trying a specific strategy.  
 which usually sounds like "here's 1 thing I want to see you do", or "next time try this".

 But what about what I'm already doing well?

I know I'm not the only one.
After conversing with some colleagues today about the immense pressure to have our 'data' look a certain way, I realized that if we don't do it, sadly no one else (probably) will.

So to that educator who cried this morning before work because you know PARCC is a few weeks away and your data isn't reflecting where you're 'supposed ' to be.

To the educator who didn't teach their best today, because honestly being physically present was enough.

To the educator who spent all Sunday filled with anxiety about Monday.

To the educator who made sure their lesson plan was updated with timestamps and questioning and student misconceptions before the sun rose.

To the educator who made sure grades were input to avoid getting 'that' email.

To the educator feeling as if they aren't enough- First stop it!

You are more than enough and your students are more than a score.
Use you voice!
for your self and your students.
Hold everyone-self included-accountable.

You are a bad ass educator! Don't allow the 'numbers' to dictate the educator you are.
You're killing it! You're going to keep killing it and you got this!
Believe it, speak it achieve it!
Educators to are enough and you are appreciated!
I know I am!