Saturday, July 25, 2015


I'm not quite sure where to begin with this first blog post. 

Welcome to The Dedicated Educator's blog. I am excited to begin this journey. It seems as if school just ended, yet I am already getting ready for the next school year.

Since I've entered the field of education (career changer), I have been very reflective. Most things don't take me long to "get", but that wasn't the case for teaching. Soon I realized that teaching is a journey, that will constantly change. Teaching is a craft, not somethings you just get. No matter if you are in year 1, year 5, or year 20. Upon that realization, I was able to re-ignite my passion as it was already beginning to dim after year 1 in the classroom.

More than anything, I am always wondering how to make things better, how to improve my students growth, ways I can become a better educator. This blog will serve as a platform for me to reflect, improve, collaborate, and share my experiences.

The other day, I attended my first PD of the summer, centered around Science. One of the presenters, from Discovery Education, shared an activity with us that can be used in the classroom. I really liked the idea and immediately thought of ways to use it in my classroom. The activity was called Table Top Texting. While watching a video, the teacher "pauses & plays" at critical points in the video. Then students must respond to a question, write a statement, and write a new question based on the segment of the video just watched. Then students pass papers to their right and repeat.
DE-Tabletop Texting (excuse the picture quality)

Table Top Texting: My version
It gives a purpose to your videos :)

The format of the sheet was a little small for he way my students tend to write so I revamped it. Figured I'd add a 'freebie' to my first post :)

I would love feedback as well.

Til Next Time