Friday, April 1, 2016

Spring Break

This school year has been one of the most challenging yet! I have taking on more leadership roles while still being a classroom teacher. Plus each year I always seem to have at least 1-2 students that need are misunderstood, going through personal issues at home and just need a lot of TLC. I Love it, but it can be a bit much at times. Needless to say spring break came just when I needed it.

 As this break comes to an end, I have reflected on ways to continue to improve my profession. I am ready to go back refreshed and finish out the remainder of the school year. Every quarter, my students use their data folders to set SMART (Specific.Measureable.Attainable.Relevant.Timely)Goals. When they receive progress reports and report cards they reflect on the goals that are met/unmet. The first day back from break, we will set SMART goals for the spring.

 Here are my Goals for the rest of the school year:

  1. Consistent Parent Communication
  2. Better Time Management
  3. Improve Work/Life balance
  4. Increase posts and products for The Dedicated Educator